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My Story

2016 found me at a very low place in life where I was depressed, 70 lbs overweight, and disappointed in the reality of my new nursing career. I realized that what I had once dreamed of, wasn’t really what I wanted anymore. Then, two weeks in Egypt and Greece altered my life more than I could have ever imagined. While there, the fog I was living under started to lift and I was able to see a small glimmer of light and hope. For the first time in a long time, I felt free. My mind began to clear and I began to reevaluate what is really important in life.


Get To Know Me

Unfortunately, I got stuck on that Med/Surg floor for 3 long years, and by that time, I was not interested in pursuing a higher degree anymore. I had thought I would continue on to a higher education, but through all of this, I realized that what I had once dreamed of, wasn’t really what I wanted anymore. Those 3 years on that floor were extremely difficult, both mentally and physically. Almost every minute of every shift felt like I was drowning. My patient assignment was more than I could appropriately manage because we had very sick patients who were dependent upon us for most, if not all of their care. Just a few months in, I was crying every day on my way to work, at work, and on my way home from work because I felt completely trapped in a career that I was so excited to obtain, only to discover it was not what I had envisioned being a nurse would be like at all. I was working 16-hour shifts (they were supposed to be 12 hours), which included weekends and holidays with assignments that were overwhelming.


It was the most difficult, most stressful job I have ever had, and I found I had no support system. In addition, I thought I would be able to get out and travel more once I had a better-paying job with more vacation days, but my time off was subject to “the discretion of the manager.” We were always short-staffed and that meant I was not able to get approval to go where I dreamed of traveling, and I seriously needed to give myself a mental reset. I began to feel more anxious and more upset every day and going to work was the thing I dreaded the most. So, I started to drink extra wine, I started to eat more comfort foods, I got more items out of the vending machine and I made more stops at Starbucks. Before I knew it, I had gained an extra 40 lbs as a nurse, in addition to the 30 lbs I had gained throughout nursing school! I did not feel well in any way, but I wasn’t even aware of how bad I really felt until I started to get out from under that cloud. I didn’t even realize how much of an unhappy, unfulfilled fog I was living in.

In 2017, when I was finally able to get some vacation days, I went on a 2-week tour through Egypt and Greece. Those two weeks altered my life more than I could have ever imagined. While there, the fog I was living under started to lift and I was able to see a small glimmer of light and hope. For the first time in a long time, I felt free from the constraints my career had put on me mentally. My mind began to clear and I began to reevaluate what is really important in life. While visiting a temple in Egypt, I felt compelled to pray for healing from past emotional circumstances and I requested that the negative perspective from those circumstances would be removed from me. I truly believe that was one of the most pivotal moments in my life, because, from that day forward, my life has continued to improve. While sailing the Greek islands the next week, I took time to do some soul searching and release many negative emotions that had taken over my life. There are no words to accurately describe how I felt and what happened to me during this time, but it was an amazing energy shift that put me in a better mindset and it allowed me to begin to see a brighter future. After this trip, I began to make small changes in my overall lifestyle and within a few months I had lost some weight, my skin started looking brighter and I had more energy. My mindset and perspective made a massive shift in a positive direction and others even started to notice. Traveling helped awaken a different part of my soul and expanded my mind immensely. This experience gave me the inspiration to search deeper for a life of freedom, one where I had control over my lifestyle and my happiness. I began to make many pivotal shifts from joining a travel club of inspiring travelers to attending personal growth and development seminars. I felt encouraged and inspired to be a better person, both physically and mentally.

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My mind started to declutter and I started to dream again. After I got into a job that was less stressful and rigid, I started finding even more ways to improve my life and get my health back. Through my traveling network, I was invited to a ladies' health challenge that included completing 30 minutes of purposeful movement, drinking lots of water, and consuming a healthy meal or nutritional supplement every day for 30 days. This challenge was also pivotal for me because, during those 30 days, I went from being someone who only disappointed myself by not following through on my goals, to being an absolute goal-getter and realizing my full potential. This challenge gave me the confidence to continue to set more ambitious goals to make even greater changes in my life. I made a decision to completely reclaim my health, by seeking out a holistic healthcare practitioner and mentor who could guide me to reclaim myself both physically and emotionally. I continued to join health challenges where I was able to hold myself accountable for my new goals. And, because I was willing to go all-in for a short amount of time, I lost 15 lbs in just 60 days!

As I continued to become healthier and feel like myself again, I began to realize that I wanted to help others who feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, just like I felt at the beginning of my journey. I knew the exact struggle of feeling completely consumed by stress and feeling like you're watching your life slip away. Our lives can become so busy and so overwhelming that I wanted to show others how you can reclaim your health, your life, and your happiness. So, I sought out and invested in a coach who helped guide me to build a business and a kickass program where I could help make a lasting impact on someone else’s wellness journey. I wanted to show others how you can make simple and easy changes in your life that allow for an overall massive impact, both mentally and physically. Just because we live very busy and on the go lifestyles, does not mean we should let our health go by the wayside. I created this program to simply show you how to reclaim your life in a practical and results-driven way. 

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If you are reading this and you feel unsure of how to start or feel overwhelmed with how to implement healthier habits into your lifestyle, I can help you with your transformation. Let me show you exactly how I was able to make such a massive transformation for myself in multiple facets of my own life. 


I am offering a complimentary Discovery Session because I am so passionate about helping others on their wellness journey. I needed help on mine, so I want to give back to others who need guidance to get started on theirs. Sometimes, we all just need that first helping hand.

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